Thank you, Hardknocks: Miami Dolphins

Hi, Hardknocks: Miami Dolphins (episode 4):

Thank you, for a few things. First, thank you for producing a wonderful show that gives insight into the locker room and behind-the-scenes action of NFL teams—for years. Second, thank you for exposing the ineptitude of the Miami Dolphins coaching staff and front office.

Hardknocks: Miami Dolphins, you are brilliantly showing that coaches do not know how to ever take responsibility for their players’ failure to execute. You are almost being biased in showing how tough the Dolphin’s coaching staff is on their players while being terrible at teaching them. But, the great thing is: is that’s pretty much how 99.23% of coaches are in the entire profession—no matter the sport—so, this enlightenment is much appreciated.

Also, thank you for clearly showing the General Manager (who may know all of the appointed functions of the job) is missing what it takes to put a good team on the field. His history of poor production is known, but his rumored poor personal skills are being depicted too. This is great work you are doing by showing how entitled GM Ireland acts, when it is well known that the Dolphins need to win immediately. Like, you can’t cut your number one Wide Receiver, then not replace him. Nor can you trade a top Defensive Back in a pass-happy NFL as you get draft picks in return. (Note: draft picks he may not be around to have input on. But, let’s see how the season turns out.) Additionally, thank you for showing how it, the curious trade of Vontae Davis we heard about earlier this week, went down. Ireland’s poor decision-making is evidenced in how he made the trade. At least the Colts are happy.

Additionally, it’s brilliant the way you showed the distinction between the treatment of black players getting cut and the white players in the same position. This may not be objective on your part, but I have no reason to believe it’s not objective. I’m not stunned that when black players get cut, or get traded in Vontae Davis’s case, GM Ireland desires the conversation to cease as quickly and callously as possible. I guess that’s to be expected when you have men, who do not know how to relate to certain other men they are interacting with—and maybe afraid of—confront each other in a forced-awkward situation.

Conversely, white players get hugs, handshakes and seemingly personalized, genuine encouragement while receiving the tearful news. Also worth noting is the cut, black players wished for a chance, while the white players seemed gracious. That is… “interesting.”

Lastly, thank you for showing the viewer how uninspiring it would be to play for Coach Philbin. There had to be someone better suited for the job. Philbin is too busy worrying about players’ appearance, language, the lighting of rooms, and trash. He may be better suited as an Interior Designer or Grounds Keeper than a Head Coach.  This behind-the-scenes work will be all the Miami Dolphins shareholders and ownership will need to see if a tough decision needs to be made. This is a powerful show. We love it.

Best regards,

Another School of Thought

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