Letter to Chevrolet–or other American Carmakers.

Hi, Chevrolet:

I am an American that loves automobiles. I also would love to see your success in the auto-industry. What I am going to suggest is not innovative, but I believe that consumers, domestic and abroad, may–more seriously–consider Chevrolet automobiles. Why you, Chevy? Because I believe you have the greatest potential of American brands.

The idea is to: start with each of your premier vehicles and work backwards. For example, you have the Corvette. Why not create a Corvette Sedan as opposed to an Impala, or a Camaro Sedan instead of a Malibu? Maybe even a Corvette Truck. Americans still love their SUVs. The vehicles would be designed as the Corvette or Camaro, but with the addition of 2-doors and a larger frame or wider wheelbase. The thought is comparable to what Porsche has done with their vehicles.

Also, consider the same with the SUVs and Crossovers. You could have a Suburban Hybrid instead of the Traverse, making it a smaller version. Additionally, make a Tahoe Hybrid as opposed to the Equinox, or a Camaro Truck. Obviously, those vehicles should be similarly designed to the “parent” SUV. This general and simple idea may create a division between those with standard Corvettes, Camaros, Tahoes, and Suburbans but people do love those names; and would appreciate having a car with a namesake they like. And a name that has been around for a long time. A name, in the automobile industry, is everything.

The idea is simple. And, similar to other automobile companies that have more successful businesses, as of now.


A concerned customer

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